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The Friendly Joe Butler - Bruce Adams Bike Trail

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Picture a rustic wilderness trail that is defined by an old, traditional split-rail fence. The Joe Butler-Bruce Adams Trail is a picturesque trail that reminds one of "bygone" days spent in the glory of Mother Nature's never ending bounty of goodies. 
The Joe Butler-Bruce Adams Trail is a mixture of an equestrian, hiking, cycling and strolling trail. This is the most versatile trail that welcomes both people and our treasured four-legged friends. 
The trail is easier to navigate than other trails in the area, and thus, can be suited for a family excursion. The Hoe Butler-Bruce Adams Trail runs parallel to the Whitewater River storm channel. In recent years, the trail has become an extremely popular equestrian and bike pathway. 
The pathways are visibly marked with the rustic split-rail fence. Many visitors continue to return to the Joe Butler-Bruce Adams Trail because of the spectacular, close-up views of the amazing championship golf course at the Morningside Country Club. 
The total length of the trail is around two miles and takes anywhere from one hour to two hours to complete. The Joe Butler-Bruce Adams Trail is a sensory experience that offers a visual journey unlike any other. 
Visitors are invited to share the trail with their favorite four-legged friend. However, it is important that all dogs are kept on a leash. The Joe Butler-Bruce Adams Trail is a friendly, inviting trail that will keep you coming back over and over again. 
Directions: To get to the Joe Butler-Bruce Adams Trail, one must go to the trailhead, located at Michael S. Wolfson Park. Also, there are accessibility points at Da Vall and Frank Sinatra in the town of Rancho Mirage

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